Doing Business in Rio Rancho

The City of Rio Rancho prides itself on meeting all five tenants of a model modern community: the City has a solid economic base anchored in Intel and is quickly becoming a hub for the film industry as well; Rio Rancho recuits clean companies and is environmentally responsible; the school system ranks second in the state and has been featured in Time magazine; the City offers housing diversity, maintaining its reputation for affordable housing while making inroads towards high-end real estate; and Rio Rancho has the second-lowest crime rate in the state.

The RREDC provides a broad range of services to businesses and industries considering new locations for expansion, relocation, or consolidation. The RREDC's free and confidential services can help firms to accomplish the following:

  1. Identify available sites and facilities
  2. Understand business licensing, registration and environmental permitting requirements
  3. Streamline City, county and state development services requirements
  4. Access applicable local and statewide business support and incentive programs
  5. Secure market information such as population, age, education, and income statistics
  6. Select architectural, engineering, construction and design-build firms for your project
  7. Obtain utility (electric, natural gas, water, and waste water) rate estimates
  8. Evaluate labor availability, wage rates, access to markets and other critical site location factors.

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