Doing Business in Rio Rancho

Economic Development Incentives and Finance

Fast Track Building Permits/ Construction Inspections

In certain instances, businesses considering expansion, relocation, or consolidation to Rio Rancho need to be in operation within an expedited time frame. The RREDC has developed an aggresive design-build program and joined forces with the City of Rio Rancho to make that happen.

City Side

The City of Rio Rancho is committed to economic base development, is experienced with the RREDC's fast-track process, and works diligently to issue building permits on an expedited basis. The process starts with a pre-submission plan review meeting in which City staff provides informal comments to help guide the finalization of submittal packages. The RREDC will assist businesses with these submissions. Once submitted, the City then reviews the modified plans, identifies any remaining required changes, and ultimately issues approved building permits. Construction inspections are then coordinated to ensure projects move forward on a regular schedule. Examples of these coordinated efforts can include daily, routine inspections or on-site inspectors.

Business Side

Under its fast-track program, the RREDC utilizes an experienced Rio Rancho design-build firm to prepare a project prototype for a client's review. The prototype would be based upon the cllient's requirements, identify applicable sites, describe the facility, show a representative elevation/site plan, list its exclusions, and provide a shopping list for additions. The client and the design-build firm would then work together to refine the prototype by discussing additions/subtractions and adjust the cost as applicable. The client could have the option of purchasing or leasing the facility upon completion. The fast track building program oftentimes allows for the construction of a brand new facility in the time it would take to retrofit an existing building.  Victoria’s Secret, Sprint PCS, Bank of America, and Gateway have all used this program successfully.

                                                                Previous Fast Track Facilitites

Many of these projects were completed between 90 and 120 days. Given the rapid development occurring in Rio Rancho, projects are now estimated to take between 120 and 180 days.


Rio Rancho Economic Development Corporation Victoria's Secret Fast Track

Victoria's Secret

Sprint PCS

(Less than 90 days)

Rio Rancho Economic Development Bank of America Fast track building

Bank of America

(Less than 90 days)

Gateway Facility