Doing Business in Rio Rancho

Economic Development Incentives and Finance

Impact Fee Waiver

Construction projects in Rio Rancho are subject to impact fees based upon the projects use. Economic base projects, as defined by the CRR, are eligible for an impact fee waiver, provided specific criteria are met. The definition of an economic base project is an enterprise that consistently exports sixty percent or more of its products/service outside New Mexico. Waivers require documented proof of eligibility and are limited to projects that will create not less than one new “economic base job” for each $20,000 in impact fees waived.  

                 To view the City of Rio Rancho's Impact Fee schedule, CLICK HERE.


To view an impact fee Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document, CLICK HERE.

For more information, please see, The City of Rio Rancho’s Comprehensive Economic Development Policy; and Chapter 9, Planning, Zoning, Land Use Management, Article 1, Impact Fee Ordinance.