Doing Business in Rio Rancho

Sites and Facilities


  To view the RREDC's Retail Flier 1, please CLICK HERE.

                             To view the RREDC's Retail Flier 2, please CLICK HERE.


City of Rio Rancho Business Retail Page

For a summarization on housing permits, demographics, transportation maps, business resources, and more, retailers and retail developers can visit


Major Housing Developments

To view an aerial map of major housing  developments in Rio Rancho and read supplemental information on each development, CLICK HERE.


Small Business

Visit the RREDC's small business page at to view a list of resources available to small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Online Site and Facility Search Engines

A number of online site and facility search engines exist. Among the engines with Rio Rancho listings are:

RREDC Professional Services Resource Page

To view a list and visit the websites of contractors, developers, architects, builders, commercial real estate brokers, etc. that partner with the RREDC, visit

**Readers should consult the RREDC for additional information on retail opportunities or contact the brokers listed on the Professional Services Resource page listed above.**


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