• Enchantment Land Certified Development Company (ELCDC) -- ELCDC exists to provide the keys to New Mexico's job growth: competitive, long term loans with low down payments to finance assets such as buildings, land and machinery. The ELCDC currently accomplishes this objective by operating as a private not-for-profit membership organization which works with the United States Small Business Administration (SBA) and local banks to provide SBA 504 loans.
  • Small Business Administration (SBA) -- The SBA has a number of financing options available to new and expanding small businesses. 
  • Sources of Finance List -- Provided by the New Mexico Economic Development Department, this sources of finance list provides a brief description and contact information for over 40 possible sources of finance for New Mexico projects. 
  • Technology Ventures Corporation (TVC) -- The objective of the TVC is to identify intellectual property to be commercialized and to develop opportunities to aggregate existing intellectual property, thereby helping to create new technology companies and new jobs for New Mexicans. TVC helps entrepreneurs strengthen their business case and prepare to raise funding from equity investors.
  • Q10|Realty Mortage & Investment Company -- The company serves commercial real estate owners, buyers, investors, and developers as a source of long term fixed rate commercial mortgage financing for a wide variety of property types and users.


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