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Gross Receipts Tax Revenues

Rio Rancho is experiencing steady growth in gross receipts tax revenues. From 2000 - 2001 to 2005 - 2006, revenues increased over $12.7 million. Gross receipts tax revenues represent approximately 57 percent of the City’s revenues. On a per capita basis, Rio Rancho collects about 63 percent of the statewide average of gross receipts tax revenues. This fact suggests that the City is suffering retail leakage into the surrounding communities, most notably Albuquerque. The RREDC and City of Rio Rancho are aggressively working to address this issue. The following table identifies Rio Rancho’s gross receipts tax revenue by year.

Gross Receipts Tax Revenue

Year Revenue
1996-1997 $10,855,796
1997-1998 $11,882,880
1998-1999 $12,341,442
1999-2000 $12,111,788
2000-2001 $12,998,172
2001-2002 $13,526,716
2002-2003 $14,666,007
2003-2004 $16,925,614
2004-2005 $20,644,918
2005-2006 $26,307,175

To view a graph of historic Rio Rancho gross tax receipt revenues, click here.