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Rio Rancho’s location in the Middle Rio Grande Valley and along the lower portion of the Rocky Mountains provides a temperate, four-season climate. Rio Rancho generally enjoys a mild, dry, sunny climate. Annual average temperatures in Rio Rancho range from a high of 70 degrees to a low of 43 degrees.

Annual precipitation in New Mexico averages nine inches, while the state receives sunshine 70 – 80 percent of the time throughout the year. Relative humidity is low and averages range from 30 – 65 percent throughout the year. Afternoon humidity in warmer months is often less than 20 percent and has reached as low as four percent.

July and August are the warmest months of the year with the average high temperatures of 92 degrees with lows of 63 degrees. These months also tend to be the time when the state receives 30 – 40 percent of its rainfall of about 3.5 inches from summer monsoon storms.

December and January are the colder months of the year in New Mexico with winter highs averaging 47 degrees and lows averaging 23 degrees. This is the other time of the year when the state receives much of its annual precipitation with about one inch of rain and four and a half inches of snowfall.

The following graphs show the historic temperature and precipitation for the Albuquerque WSFO Airport Station for the years 1914 to 2007 as compiled by the Western Regional Climate Center.

Historic Temperature Extremes


Historic Precipitation


Additional information is available at the Western Region Climate Center website located at