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Main Corridors

Rio Rancho is bordered by Albuquerque to the south, Bernalillo to the northeast, Corrales to the east, Santa Ana Indian Reservation to the north and the Laguna Pueblo to the west. Within those boundaries, City drivers have unofficially designated about seven arterials as major thoroughfares; many of these outline Rio Rancho and/or indicate housing developments and historical roads .

Rio Rancho's southern border is roughly characterized by the Sandoval/Bernalillo county line and incompletely represented by Westside Ave which lay just south of 19th Avenue. Many consider the U.S. Route 550 corridor that stretches from Unser Boulevard to New Mexico Highway 528 to be the City's northernmost paved border. Two other major eastbound-westbound arterials are Southern and Northern boulevards.

There are currently three major northbound-southbound streets. Highway 528, also known as Rio Rancho Boulevard, is the City's most-traveled road.  Rio Rancho Boulevard also acts as a rough eastern boundary of the City. The most major road to Rio Rancho's west is Unser Boulevard; however, Rainbow Boulevard is the most western developed road. Another largely used northbound/southbound arterial is Golf Course Road.

Traffic Counts (2006)

To view the 2006 Traffic Flows for the Greater Albuquerque Area (pdf file) map prepared by the Mid Region Council of Governments (MRCOG), CLICK HERE.  For past maps, click on the appropriate year below.


Other historical traffic counts through 1993, traffic planning maps, and Census tract maps from MRCOG can be viewed at The Mid Region Council of Government (MRCOG) is comprised of municipalities, counties, school districts and water management agencies in central New Mexico. MRCOG takes a regional approach to issues such as transportation, natural resources, land use and the economy. MRCOG provides transportation planning activities include data collection, analysis of current conditions, and traffic forecasting.

The MRCOG office is located 809 Copper Avenue, NW, Albuquerque, NM, 87102. Telephone: (505) 247-1750 or additional information is available from the MRCOG web site.

Click on the links below to download a Central Business District 20-Mile radius map, a current roadway functional classification system planning map from MRCOG, a long range roadway sytem planning map from MRCOG, and a road map that marks the future intersection of Northwest Loop Road and U.S. Highway 550.